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Itara saves you from hours of tiring research and disappointments of endless failed experiments during your entrepreneurial journey.

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Startup Companion Designed as a Toolkit

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Stop wasting hours in front of your computer screen trying to find the path to 'startup enlightenment'.Ask all your 'startup' queries from Itara and get an actionable roadmap with tools, information, and steps to follow within seconds. No need to scratch your heads while browsing through endless search results, forum answers, or Twitter threads to get crisp solutions for building, improving and growing a business in India.

specially designed for first-time entrepreneurs in India

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three steps to success


Get clear answers about what you need to do. Take the BIG Quiz to answer 10 simple questions about your business idea.


Get access to your custom BIG dashboard including the actionable roadmap outlining steps, tools, information, and resources.


Execute the steps inside the dashboard using the tools, resources and information shared to launch and scale your business.

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relevance & content discovery

We live in a world where information is free-flowing. But not all information is useful.You come across thousands of startup course ads that have taught people to earn millions in 30/60/90 days.You've read success stories on blogs, startup websites, and Google.You follow coaches and consultants on social media.Still, you don't get the most basic answers - how should I start, what should be my first step, which way should I go: this way which you shared, or that way which 100 others are following (and succeeding). It happens with all of us — we’re always drowning in information overload.With Itara, I want you to give the power in your hands to execute your business ideas by providing only useful, actionable, and contextual information.I want to make your business idea fly — whether you’re thinking of launching a product, side project, or a full-fledged business or startup.I want you to launch your first business using a focused roadmap that has answers about what to do, how to do, why to do, and most importantly, what not to do.For the last 3 years, I have been working on bringing Itara to life.

I am creating a system that can help anyone, irrespective of where they are to get access to the perfect strategy, tools, resources and information to build, improve and grow their business.Who am 'I' in this equation?Well, I am someone who started 8 years back as a B.Com Graduate from a college no one knew in a city no one goes to. Maybe, just like you, or in a worse situation than you're today.I want to bring some order to the chaos — working on something that you really want to do for a lifetime. I'd been doing this for quite some time personally — helping people pick up and launch their shelved projects, but I wanted to create a structure for everyone out there.If not for the whole world or India, for the select few like yourself who really want to build and launch their first startup without getting confused in the process.With Itara, I am fighting the algorithms that have started to misguide more than they guide (be it on social media or search engines).I know it's a big ask for someone who's just been there in the industry for 8 years. But a man can wish. Right?

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Itara will be released to help entrepreneurs build, improve, and grow their businesses in the second week of January 2023. Long wait? Huh!Patience, my dear watson because 'sabra ka fal meetha hota hai'And if you're impatient, sign up for the waitlist, and keep coming back to this page as we'll keep dropping smaller modules during the entire year.

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Itara BIG dashboard is launching in January 2023

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Follow along and build your startup in 90 days.

Step 1

Discover your Calling

Take a 10-question quiz to discover the most profitable business ideas that you're most likely to succeed based on your personality.Already working on an idea? Move to the next step.

Step 2

Scout the ideas

Use your quiz results to shortlist the most feasible business ideas, cost of starting up, success stories, and more to help you get started in minutes.

Step 3

Access all tools

Use the Itara Tools library to get hold of all the tools you'd need to get going with your business idea without wasting any time.

Step 4

Get a complete roadmap

Use a step-by-step framework to turn your abstract business idea into a tangible, marketable business, one step at a time.